Ribbon Cutting and Starting to Blog

Ribbon Cutting and Starting to Blog

Welcome to our blog! We have recently started a blog on our website. I am one of the older therapists at Empower. I don’t know much about how to write a blog. When our marketing adviser suggested we write a post about our ribbon cutting, I volunteered, partly because I wanted to learn more about this blog thing.

Empower Behavioral Health held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 24th the opening of our counseling practice. We wanted to share our happiness and thank those who helped us achieve our vision. Mark Russell, City Councilman, offered words of support regarding the opening of Empower and assisted in the ribbon-cutting. We were also delighted to welcome special guest Senator Arthur Orr who is the former employer of one of our new therapists, Tracy Harris. Carrie Coan, of Carrie’s Kitchen, provided scrumptious food!

The ribbon cutting was a terrific success. We had over 100 people attend. Everyone lingered to talk and share stories. We saw old friends and new friends come through our doors. It was a wonderful evening! Empower Behavioral Health is a group of licensed mental health professionals. In addition to me, there are five other therapists: the aforementioned Tracy Harris, Lisa Lapidus, Stan Long, Heather Surber, and Kellie Turchetta. Each of us will be contributing to this blog space over the coming weeks and months. We want you to know us and feel comfortable talking to us. I hope this helps! I often talk to my clients about how important it is to practice new behaviors. I like to say “You don’t come see a therapist to keep doing the same old things.” So, this is me practicing a new
behavior…writing a blog. How did I do?! I hope you will come again and read other posts. Thank you for
reading this one and supporting me in my new practice! More later,