Welcome to Mothers and Daughters on Purpose: A Retreat for Intentional Connection

May 3-5, 2019  in beautiful Boone, North Carolina, at The Art of Living Retreat Center

What if you and your daughter could reconnect and grow closer?

What if you and your mother could deepen your bond as adult women?

What if you had quality time together that was fun, transformative, and full of opportunities to develop healthy habits?

What if you could create a LEGACY and soar together?

There is nothing like a mother/daughter relationship. You cherish every moment, you adore each other, and sometimes, you are at odds. You repeat patterns you swore you wouldn’t do. You want to teach your daughter to do life differently, but you don’t always know how. You want your mother to grow and expand.

Mothers teach their daughters to be strong, and in turn, daughters enable their mothers to expand and grow.

 Together, mothers and daughters create a legacy for generations to come. The key is to create a powerful, beautiful relationship that elevates both women.

The mother daughter relationship is scientifically proven to be the strongest of all multigenerational relationships. Our brain science is the closest to each other genetically, linking us emotionally in an extremely unique way. 

Mothers and daughters influence each other in positive and negative ways over the course of a lifetime. You want your daughter to be independent, but it’s hard to let go. You want her to love herself, but you struggle with it yourself. You want your mother to know you appreciate her, but the words are hard to find.

This Mother/Daughter retreat will give you the safe space, support, and tools to empower your relationship to thrive!

In Mothers and Daughters on Purpose: A Retreat for Intentional Connection, you will:

  • Learn new ways to connect more positively in a relaxed, supportive, and empowering setting.
  • Improve communication by learning tools that empower both of you.
  • Learn to identify each others’ gifts and build upon proven, strengths-based tools to strengthen your relationship
  • Each identify fears, hopes, and desires, and understand how to use your common ground and uniqueness to become closer.
  • Learn how to flip negative self-talk and support each other in doing the same.
  • Discover the power in recognizing your own vulnerability and joy in sharing vulnerability with each other.
  • Learn and create cues to strengthen sensitivity to each other and compassion for self.
  • Use group, experiential, mindful, and communicative techniques to strengthen your relationship.

This retreat promises to be transformative for the mother/daughter relationship in ways you may have never even imagined! 

Mothers and Daughters on Purpose: A Retreat for Intentional Connection is the first of its kind experience for mothers and daughters of varying generations to connect, bond, and transform together. Whether you are a 45 year old mother with a 16 year old daughter, or a 30 year old daughter with a 70 year old mother, this retreat will allow you to explore and elevate your relationship! As a mother/daughter pair, you’ll identify and celebrate your individual and collective strengths, you’ll learn communication tools to take your relationship to the next level, and you’ll heal generations of patterns. Plus, we will be a community of strong women, learning from each other and laughing together! You will join mothers and daughters, ages 15 to 85, to play, expand and grow together! Your facilitators, Carin Rockind, Crystl Murray-Mills, and Alissa Lapidus have more than forty years of combined service in women’s coaching and counseling. Together, you are getting expert guidance from world-class experts in positive psychology (the science of human flourishing), positive parenting, grief counseling, school counseling, and relationship dynamics. Join us for this experience of a lifetime!

To read more about this incredible opportunity and reserve your spot now, please visit Carin Rockind’s website here.